Command Center is an operational control room facility equipped with a complete equipment infrastructure with equipment, network, telecommunications and systems facilities as well as the resources needed to monitor CCTV recordings with IT expert staff and operators to make it easier to coordinate, monitor and control all actions taken. needed as a response to issues faced by companies in various branches in Indonesia, including: emergency response actions, action plans for repair and recovery, procurement steps, and steps for providing public information. The Command Center is one of the facilities that are needed by companies in carrying out Crisis Management or Business Continuity Management. Related to the function of the Command Center as a decision support system that provides various kinds of information collected from various CCTV

recordings from various cities in Indonesia. To support decision making related to issues/problems that occur in the Branch, for example, information is available in the form of a dashboard that includes related public services, monitoring results through CCTV and analysis of recorded data results so that they become accurate supporting data in meeting data needs for the company.